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Harriet Scott

Memorial Pavilion



    Forever recognize your loved ones by purchasing an engraved brick to be prominently displayed at the Harriet Scott Memorial  Pavilion in Greenwood Cemetery, St. Louis Missouri.  This pavilion was built and  dedicated to the memory of Harriet Robinson Scott.  Until 2006 it was  unknown where Harriet was buried.  Because of the generous donation of the Elijah  P. Lovejoy Society, a cenotaph was given and placed next to the headstone of her husband, Dred Scott, at Calvary Cemetery.  Arno Sandoval of KAI Design & Build, created the design for the memorial  pavilion based on the history of the cemetery and the struggle for freedom the Scotts and others endured.  Although this pavilion was erected in memory of Harriet, the pavilion recognizes all those interred here, especially those who’s graves may never be recovered.  It offers a way for those individuals to receive the recognition they deserve.  By purchasing a memorial paver, you can memorialize your loved ones, that special someone, an anniversary date, or simply add your name as a  supporter. 

Over the years, Greenwood cemetery had fallen
 into disarray.  But with the  dedication and hard
work of a few committed individuals, the
restoration of Greenwood has come a long way. 
Special thanks goes to Etta Daniels, Charlie
Jordan, Charlie Kennedy, and the late Willie
Daniels.  If not for their relentless cleanup
efforts, the restoration nor the pavilion would be
possible.  Proceeds for the sale of memorial
pavers will go toward The Dred Scott  Heritage
Foundation’s education and reconciliation
programs and to Friends of Greenwood
Cemetery to continue the restoration and
maintenance of this historical  landmark.


The site of Harriet’s Hill and the pavilion area would not have been possible without the sincere contributions of primary donors:  Congressman Wm. Lacy Clay, Mr. Austin Layne, Arno Sandoval, James Schiele, James Johnson, Tony Caputa & STL Carpenters Union, Mayor Frances Slay, Mike Woodling & Gateway Contractors, Alberici Corp, The Friends of Greenwood Cemetery and The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation. 


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