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Dred Scott National Penny Challenge 2015

This Spring 2015, 3 teachers made the trip to St. Louis from Plantation, Florida to present the Foundation with a check for $1,400 raised by the Seminole Middle School.  The students are not from wealthy families but they raised the most single amount in our penny drive.  Clayton High School in St. Louis raised $1,738 in two events.  Teachers Mary Sternberg, Susan Fried and Amy Jacobson are civics teachers who have made sure that their whole school knows the history and importance of Dred Scott and the Dred Scott Decision.

The trip to St. Louis included being hosted by Jeanne Most, the Dred Scott Statue Penny Drive Coordinator and committee member Monica Boyd along with board members, Brenda Young, Yvette Goods, and Lynne Jackson.  In a whirlwind tour of all things Dred Scott, they met with Sarah Griesbach, Editor of the new art magazine, All the Art, The Visual Quarterly of St. Louis.  Sarah interviewed the teachers and featured the Dred and Harriet Scott statue in their second edition, Fall, 2015.

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The Florida teachers are joining the Foundation in issuing a national challenge to schools in every state and around the country to join the Statue Penny Drive and learn about this historical case.

The National Statue Penny Drive Challenge is called The Dred Scott Way.  The teachers named the campaign this after seeing the street signs named after the famous slave.  The challenge will be issued at the National Council of Social Studies.   Mrs. Jackson will attend the conference in New Orleans in mid November.  See details on joining the challenge at

The Penny Drive is not limited to Individuals and groups that raise more than $500 will receive the Scott Lincoln Medal in a cherrywood inscribed box.  Details and “how to”s  are on the website at

For more information, Contact Jeanne Most at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Leading the Way to go, Florida!!